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Click on the drawing (above) to see where the hospital doesn’t care about charity  (Charité-sur-Loire)

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The world famous Burpteam

"Le Monde" newspaper

The American Library of Congress

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The Guide to Burgundy and Champagne

follow the Loire canal

and a Kir aperitif en route



Aside from these two links to LA CHARITÉ-SUR-LOIRE, there is more to know about the city’s history. First of all, refounded on the site of SEYR by monks from Cluny in Burgundy, their implantation (look in the list for this link) was large and extensive. It was so important that Pope Pascal II visited La Charité in 1107. There also exist many interesting and original texts on this extraordinary site furnished by archeology. The church of Saint-Cydroine, near Joigny in the Yonne Department depended on La Charité..

Several Priors published works, perhaps written under the vaulted ceilings of what is now the Auberge de la Poule Noire: some examples are Albert (Jean) Belin, or Alphonsus Belin, who wrote about alchemy and pious meditation.

Before this, we have the famous 1429 event 1429 event: the failure of Jehanne before La Charité, to blame on winter as some have said. But the worst winter is that in which we lack allies. Maybe is was also the lack of enthusiasm of the Charitois to be freed from the Anglois? The letter is sent to the people of Riom to obtain resources for this operation and the little effect showed that they weren’t the only ones. Today in the Place Misère, we can see a small monument commemorating the unsuccessful siege. Additional documents on the history of Charité can be found in some publications of the Departmental Office of Nièvre Sites and Monuments, the CAMOSINE, that you can contact at the following address:


Préfecture 58000 NEVERS Cedex

 More about Joan of Arc can also be found in this Canadian Web page, awarded by YAHOO.

 For a better idea of the current context of regional sites:

Burgundy Regional Council
- but the climate of the Department can also be appreciated via a set of sites.There is no lack of current problems: companies are closing, the climate is uncertain in terms of the future of hospitality of the region around La Charité, its hotels, the hospital... There are more links on Nivernet.


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